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Signet ring Robin

Handmade solid signet ring in 925 sterling silver with a fist (same fist as in the pendant ”Robin”).

Keep in mind that this is a wider signet ring that has a tighter fit around the finger than a thin ring. Therefore, it is important that you measure the diameter of a similar wide ring to know the size. Do you need help choosing a size? Feel free to contact us!

NOTE! Measure carefully! You can not change size if it does not fit! Change can only be made if you come by the store.

Tip! Measure the diameter with a ruler across the inside edges of a wide ring that fits the finger you want to use it on (inside edges)

€ 180
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By a Feminist to Feminists


Robin after:
The feminist activist Robin Morgan was the first to include a raised fist within the female symbol. The symbol came about by a demonstration against the Miss America pageant in 1969. Morgan gave it a red color and called it menstruation red to deter companies from capitalising on the symbol. Robin was born January 3, 1941 in Lake Worth, Florida, a US radical feminist, author and actress. She is known for fighting for the release of Valerie Solanas.
Robin is an American poet, author, political theorist and activist, journalist, lecturer, and former child actor. Since the early 1960s she has been a key radical feminist member of the American Women's Movement, and a leader in the international feminist movement. Her 1970 anthology Sisterhood Is Powerful has been widely credited with helping to start the contemporary feminist movement in the US, and was cited by the New York Public Library as ""One of the 100 Most Influential Books of the 20th Century."" She has written more than 20 books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and is also known as the editor of Ms. Magazine.

During the 1960s, she participated in the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements; in the late 1960s she was a founding member of radical feminist organizations such as New York Radical Women and W.I.T.C.H. She co-founded the Feminist Women's Health Network, the National Battered Women's Refuge Network, Media Women, the National Network of Rape Crisis Centers, the Feminist Writers' Guild, the Women's Foreign Policy Council, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Sisterhood Is Global Institute, GlobalSister.org, and Greenstone Women's Radio Network. She also co-founded the Women's Media Center with activist Gloria Steinem and actor/activist Jane Fonda.