”Im a goldsmith and a Feminist!

I put it together and became the Feministsmith!”


The goldsmith Nathalie’s feminist jewelry has a unique expression of its own. 
Behind every jewelry, there is a carefully planned design and a solid piece of handicraft.

Nathalie gathers inspiration from female role models such as Rosa Taikon and historic feminists such as Virginia Wolf, Betty Friedan, Ellen Kay amongst others,
which adds dimension to her jewelry.

To wear Nathalie’s design says something about the owner- its taking a stand for equality and feminism

Nathalie attended high school focusing on goldsmith training as a 15- year- old in the city of Mjölby and started as a goldsmith apprentice in Uppsala 2008, which is also where she received her journeyman’s certificate in 2011. And after working as a goldsmith for 4 years Nathalie started Feministsmeden (Feministsmith) 2014. Every piece of jewelry is a fine piece of craftsmanship, hand made in her workshop,
which doubles as her shop on Kungsholmsgatan 4a in Stockholm.

“Having my own shop has always been a dream of mine.
Combining the workshop with the store makes the customers
notice the jewelry differently;
it makes them realize all the work that
goes in to every single piece.
I want my shop to be warm and inviting.”

Nathalie’s drive and vision as a jeweler, is to make feminism more visible.
The idea is that her jewelry will spark an interest and a curiosity for issues regarding
feminism and equality in a natural way. Through Nathalie’s simple and expressive design as
Feministsmith, she creates a unique way of expression and wearing her pieces symbolizes taking
a stand for equality and feminism.

 “For me, the feminist symbol represents an inner strength and a sense of togetherness.
As feminists, we need to be seen to be heard
- together we are strong in the fight for global equality”

Nathalie A Wåhlin - Feministsmith