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Maria Necklace

Handmade necklace in 925 sterling silver with a female symbol (12mm) that follows along the chain.
The total length of the chain is 44cm and it measures 1mm ø.

We recommend that you take off the necklace when you sleep / exercise etc. because the chain is thin.

€ 55
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By a Feminist to Feminists


Maria after: 

Maria Sandel born April 30, 1870 in Stockholm, died 1927, was a Swedish author. Maria was the daughter of the farmhand Carl Gustaf Sandel and the knitter Maria Charlotta Killander and had a poor upbringing, which meant that she had to leave school at the age of twelve and go into working life. She emigrated to the United States in 1887 where she worked as a maid for four years. Thus she mastered English and she also studied German and French to such an extent that she could read fiction in these languages. She became deaf at the age of twenty-five and a few years later she also suffered from a severe visual impairment.

Her novels are about working-class women, about class-related topics such as strikes and solidarity, and the supporting characters are often people in the outer strata of society. She also touches on sensitive topics such as abortion and homosexuality in her books. She is the first female author to describe the proletarian everyday life from a self-perceived perspective, the "kitchen window perspective".