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Anna Feminist bracelet

Handmade silver bracelet with a small women's symbol.
The chain is 1.5mm ø 15cm-19cm and you can vary the length yourself by snapping the lock to the desired length in the extension chain.

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By a Feminist to Feminists


Anna after:

Anna Whitlock, born June 13, 1852 in Stockholm, was a Swedish school pioneer and women's rights activist. She was the daughter of wholesaler Gustaf Whitlock and feminist Sophie Whitlock. Anna graduated from the Higher Teachers' Seminary in Stockholm in 1875 and then studied abroad. In 1878 she started a girls' school in Stockholm in collaboration with Ellen Key.

Anna was one of the leading figures in the Swedish suffrage movement. Her mother had been the first secretary of the Fredrika Bremer union and she therefore came into early contact with the women's issue. She was chairman of the National Association for Women's Political Voting Rights - LKPR - and led several government courtships and often represented the movement abroad.

In the first season of the SVT series 'Miss Friman's War', Dagmar Friman (played by Sissela Kyle) is based on Anna Whitlock.