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Agnes 18k Necklace

Handmade necklace with female symbol running along a thin round anchor chain. Choose between the lengths 42cm or 45cm. The female sign measures 12mm.

€ 320
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By a Feminist to Feminists


Agnes after:

Agnes Nestor, born in 1880 in Michigan, USA, was a renowned feminist and union activist. As a teenager, she worked for a company that made gloves, the working hours were 60 hours a week and the women who worked had a lousy salary and were only paid for the number of gloves they had time to sew. They were also forced to pay for sewing machine needles and oil themselves. In 1902, Agnes and the employees started a strike due to their working conditions and after 10 days all their demands were met. They received a pay rise and no longer had to pay rents for their machines.

Following the success of the strike, Agnes became involved in trade union issues until her death in 1948. She was one of the founders of the National Women's Trade Union League, which worked for better conditions in the workplace for women.

Maternal health care was also an issue that Agnes fought for, and the right to parental leave. She was also involved in the fight for suffrage for women and in 1913 she traveled around with the suffrage train "Suffrage Train" and kept on taking places about working women's need for suffrage.