It is so cool to see our jewelry on awesome feminists out there on social media all over the world, and sometimes we would like to share these pictures in our own channels. The images are mainly published on the respective product page on our website to give other customers inspiration and fighting spirit.
By responding to our request with the hashtag #YESfeministsmith
do you accept the following;

You provide Feministsmeden WEB AB (company ID SE5591585525), a non-exclusive, royalty-free world license to use any images you have replied to with #YESfeministsmith in the comments in this post, in their marketing and / or advertising, including in the gallery of the Website, newsletters, social media, directories, e-mail and other customer communications, store materials and other marketing purposes.

You represent that (I) you own all rights to your images, (II) you have obtained permission from any person shown on your images to transfer the rights here, and (III) the use of your images by Feministsmeden WEB AB will not infringe against the rights of third parties or violate any law.
You terminate Feministsmeden WEB AB from all obligations to pay you for the use of this image and for the intellectual property rights associated with the uses described above.

We hope you are willing and able to let us share your photos in these circumstances and help us spread the feminist movement
You can always contact us for privacy and data protection issues by contacting us at: info@feministsmith.com
If you would like to withdraw consent to share your photos with the Feministsmith, you can contact us at info@feministsmith.com and we will delete all of your photos.

All our Love // ​​Feministsmith